Be a-mazed and travel the world all in the one day!


Maze World is home to the UK’s largest collection of permanent mazes with six mazes themed around the continents. There’s a Canadian Hedge Maze shaped like a maple leaf, a very traditional English Hedge Maze, an Antartic Labyrinth made out of over 600 white stones, a Japanese Trellis Maze created from 400 panels and climbing plants, an African Reed Fence Maze shaped like a rhino’s horn and an Australian Wooden Pole Maze that features eucalyptus plants.


Created entirely from plants and materials that you can use in your own garden, more than 6,000 plants were used in the mazes.

Find out how to get here and explore all 6 mazes with your friends and family. 

Fun Fact

Did you know that mazes originate from 19th century BC Egypt?